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As a Sex and Relationship Coach for Grownups, I help you get in touch with your body and sexuality so you can talk openly, be present in your relationships, and experience the kind of sex and intimacy that has you smiling the whole next day.

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A free vibrator guide so you can explore your sexuality and expand your confidence


A free cheat sheet so you can reignite the spark and try new things with your partner


A free fill-in-the-blank script so you can talk with your kid about sex in the most positive way

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Here’s where you go to find a searchable database of nearly 1k questions I have answered from my students and the public. The questions are in their raw form and have not been changed. 18+ only please.

If you can get the sex you want, you'll get the life you want.

What You Can Achieve

Talking about sex can be awkward, difficult, and embarrassing.

From positions to pleasure, there are sooo many concepts you didn’t learn in school.

(In fact, when’s the last time you took sex ed? For most of us, it was some time in junior high. You’ve changed a lot since then - shouldn’t your attitudes change, too?)

As a woman, you know the culture treats us differently around sexuality. Sexual health IS health and you must know this for yourself.If you’re a mom and you haven't learned this for yourself, how tough will it be to teach your kids knowing this is how they can grow up safe, happy, and healthy, too?

The good news? Sex talk doesn’t have to make you feel nervous anymore - I’m here to help.

sex and relationship coach for grownups

How to begin working together?

coaching compass


For yourself or with a partner, this first step is a phone call.
Like virtual coffee date.

courses notebook


Courses you can do in a weekend to get you one step closer to that intimacy you want.

books about sex by the mamasutra


Easy reads about sexuality so you can unlearn the nonsense and step in to healthier relationships.

Sexual Health is Health

Lanae - Sex and relationship coach for grownupshe MamaSutra

Meet The MamaSutra

Hello, I'm Lanae,

... founder of The MamaSutra. As a sex and relationship coach for grownups, I help adults of all genders connect to their own sexual health and their partner by discovering how to explore sex and intimacy - and feel comfortable talking about it (so comfortable in fact, talking about sex with their kids has become easy).

There is SO MUCH PRESSURE and expectation that you have to know everything. It's nerve wracking to try to gain experience in an area that is new. As a result, you might feel alone, disconnected, and uncomfortable. You have a vision for your relationships but nothing is changing, and you feel this is going to be the rest of your life: living just on the edge of discovery.

And I'm here to help you change all that.

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A Mad Lib Style Script for the “Sex Talk With Your Teen”

Discover a way to begin “The Talk” with your own words, so you feel empowered and confident in knowing what to say, and relieved that doing so keeps your kids safer.

How to go from Awkward 😫 to Playful 😋 with your Partner in 3 simple steps!

Grab my “Touch Lab” Freebie. It will help you bring more fun into your relationship.

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To explore your sexuality and expand your confidence


To try something fun and new with your partner


To talk about sex without talking about sex
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