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I help you find authentic connection and extraordinary sex. 

How about finding a real, deep connection and some mind-blowing sex? I'm Dr. Lanae St.John, your go-to sex coach. I'm here to guide you to where intimacy thrives and your sexuality is celebrated. Let's explore this together and make your sex life something to smile about.

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Discover the keys to unlocking your most intimate and fulfilling sex life. As a leading expert in sexual health and sex education, I'm dedicated to providing accurate, empowering, and accessible information to you. Consider coming to me instead of Google to get answers to your questions.

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

In a world where self-proclaimed 'sex enthusiasts' tout themselves as experts, and others without any real credentials present misinformation as truth, it's crucial to discern fact from fiction, especially when it comes to something as personal as our sexuality. I'm Dr. Lanae St.John, a Board Certified Sexologist and a Certified Sex Coach (CSC), and I'm the proud founder of

My commitment goes beyond the titles; it's rooted in nearly two decades of education and experience, where I've helped countless individuals like you navigate their sexual health. I've seen firsthand the confusion and misinformation that lead folks to me.

My mission is clear: to provide you with accurate, evidence-based information about your desires. I'm here to correct myths and be your knowledgeable companion on your journey to sexual well-being and satisfaction.

Degrees & Certifications


Masters in Human Sexuality,
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality 

Doctorate in Human Sexuality


Somatica Method, Trained


Certified Sex Coach,
Sex Coach U


Diplomate, American Board of Sexology


Professional Affiliations

American Board Of Sexology
American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists
The SOciety for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Somatica Institute
International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health
Sex Coach U
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
World Association of Sex Coaches
Sex Ed Network
american college of sexologists

This Work Is:


Gain the knowledge, tools, and self-awareness you need to elevate your sexual and emotional well-being.


No matter your experience or background, find a space where you are seen, respected, and embraced.


Tackle not just the symptoms, but the root causes of your challenges in sexuality, relationships, and emotional well-being for a more fulfilling life.

People want to know about sex

Probably because we are all affected by it in some way.

The advice I share on social sites like Quora has generated MILLIONS (and yes, sometimes I have to pinch myself when I say it!) OF VIEWS so I know this for certain...if you have questions about sex, you are NOT alone .

Click here for the Top 5 Topics I get asked about AND get access to my searchable "...Asking For A Friend" Q&A database -- only available for subscribers.

But talking about sex is tricky...

It’s one thing to say, “I want the large iced coffee” or “I want a raise,”and another to say, “I want you to pull my hair.”

But wait—are you a parent? You might be thinking, “Umm, I wanted to know how to talk to my kid about sex, not how to ask someone to pull my hair… yet.”

Well, I’m here to help with both. Because they’re not really separate. Get this:

If you can’t talk to your partner about sex, you probably can't talk to your kids about it either.
I help adults struggling with how to talk to their kids about sexuality. They learn how to educate themselves so they can let go of their fear and connect more deeply with themselves, their partners, and their children.

“But I know everything there is to know about sex."

I hear that – mostly from men. My reply is: “Would your partner agree?”

Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms than men or lesbian or bisexual women*
And this tragedy is preventable. How? With education.

If you got sex ed, it was probably during middle-school or high-school. Have you had any formal education since?

I specialize in Sex Ed for Grownups.

Some people seek out golf pros to up their game. Some people work with financial advisors to help plan their financial future. I’m like a sexual fiduciary*, acting in your best interest to help you improve your sex portfolio.

My background was “don’t ask, don’t do”

I grew up Catholic, Conservative, and in the Midwest.

I’ve lived the secrecy, embarrassment, and shame around sex. I was a “virgin” in college until one night when I got drunk and was sexually assaulted.

Because all of the messages around me while I was growing up centered on “preserving and protecting my virginity” I felt my value was gone, so I made some shitty dating and sex decisions for a while.

Alcohol fueled lots of those moments too. I was a hot mess. Fast forward 11 years. I was married and living as a new mom in Germany. I noticed people didn’t have the same attitude about sex that Americans do.

From this, I realized things could be different for my kids.
When I moved back to the states and put my kids in school, I had the chance to go back to school to study sexuality.

I love talking to people about sex.

You almost have to tell me to shut up about it.

You probably would if you weren’t so fascinated as well. My enthusiasm has that effect on people.

I am a Certified Sex Coach in the Bay Area and I coach adults about basic human sexuality.

Lots of adults from many different backgrounds.

Experience the transformative benefits of working with Dr. Lanae St. John, a Certified Sex Coach:

  • feel confident and empowered to give directions to a partner during sex(without feeling bad about it)
  • understand your partner's needs and the importance of pleasing your partner (aka “she comes first”, guys)
  • know how to communicate effectively about sexual health (like how to communicate your STI status)
  • share your newfound knowledge with everyone who will listen

So. What do YOU want to know?

Start Here:

The Sex Talk, made simple.

Make the sex talk simple and insightful. Whether you're a parent or not, learn to build trust and understanding in discussions about sex and relationships. Find valuable tips to build trust, understanding, and better connections.
Explore "Read Me" today.

Unleash Your Potential

Don't let the world's outdated rules stop you from having the amazing love life you deserve. Together, we'll break free from what's 'expected' and explore what makes you truly happy. Book a call, and let's kickstart you toward fulfilling, extraordinary connection. Sound like a plan?

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