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The MamaSutra Posts

These posts are about female sexuality, plus you’ll find some personal stories about the sexual journey that began when I went back to school to study S-E-X. Be warned—I spare no details, so some are NSFW.

Dr. Lanae Posts

These posts are more of the educational parenting stuff, as well as conversations I’ve had with my own guinea pigs – I mean, kids. Some of these posts were written with my daughters to give a kids’ perspective as well.

Sexual Health

If there’s one thing you need to know to feel less weird about sex it’s this: think of sexual health as health. Your sexual health is just as important as the health of all of the other systems in your body.

Adult xxx toys

Below you can find the list of my favorite adult xxx toys. These are tried … Adult xxx toys Read More »

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Sex Ed 101

Here you can find more basic posts related to sex education so you can get informed quickly.

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