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anatomy Question & Answer

Thank you for the A2A.FUPA is slang, an acronym that stands for fat upper pussy/pubic area. The medical term for this area is Mons Pubis. It is a fatty area between the lower belly and sits at the very top of the vulva before the labia split in two, often covered with public hair.It is pronounced, foo - pah....
Published Date : 8/13/2020

Do you know the story of Tiresias?Tiresias | Greek mythology Tiresias said women derive greater pleasure.But for life outside of myths, look solely at the anatomy. Penises and clitorises are basically the same tissue, just configured differently. The scrotum is basically the labia, just sewn shut (see scrotal raphe?). We likely have more in common than folks would like to admit.I guess instead of asking who gets greater enjoyment?, just revel in the fact that we all get pleasure! Celebrate that instead of comparing and contrasting....
Published Date : 7/9/2019

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