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arousal Question & Answer

It?s normal for some people to be horny. I have kind of an off-the-beaten-pass suggestion for you, if you?re interested. It?s based upon a hypothesis I have? Touch is a basic human need. One way you could explore if it?s truly wanting to bang/fuck/have sexual relations OR if your basic touch needs are NOT being met. There?s a fantastic group at www.Cuddle Party.com that holds workshops where you get to explore non-sexual/non-sexualized touch AND learn how to negotiate what you want, explore your boundaries, and say ?NO? to others and live to talk about it. But seriously, everybody should learn how to say no and understand it?s not always a rejection but the person taking care of themself. We can never know their entire backstory. Again, I want to assure you that some people are indeed horny. That?s normal for some. But, if you?re really curious as to why, try exploring touch via the cuddle party route (special note*** I?d advise you seek out ONLY groups recommended by the official cuddle party website. Why? Because lots of people say they do cuddle parties but they don?t have the same strict guidelines and safe environment that Cuddle Party creates. Hope this helps you explore your ?why?. ...
Published Date : 7/17/2018

Ask her.She could be posing as someone who wants sex, or wants to be viewed as someone who wants sex. Or it could mean she actually wants sex.Or maybe she thinks she has lots of horns?Bottom line, ask her. You say you're horny, but tell me more. What does that mean to you??...
Published Date : 9/21/2018

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