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biology Question & Answer

How long should you wait before telling someone you're sterile?There's lots of nuance here. Generally speaking though, if the person you're dating states in their profile or in the first communications, or on the first day they want to have kids then I think you are obligated to tell them RIGHT THEN and there. To fall in love with each other without that level of honesty is a terrible thing. If they have their heart set on children and you cannot or won't is a devastating disappointment or even betrayal.If you are sterile but open to having children, make sure to make that know. Too. There are lots of ways to become a parent without needing to contribute your own genetic baby making material.And I don't want you to feel shame for being sterile?. It happens for a lot of different reasons and you don't need to feel obligated to go deep into what or how you became sterile unless you want to....
Published Date : 6/18/2019

Thank you for the A2A.You know, you don't have to make out with anyone if the idea of doing so grosses you out.And if anyone is pressuring you or giving you a hard time for either not wanting to kiss or not having experience with kissing that THEY are the jerk, right?I say this because if you're asking how to get rid of someone's germs it sounds like maybe you're concerned about getting sick or something. I?ll repeat, you are not obligated to kiss anyone. So you don't have to worry about getting rid of their germs.If there's a more specific thing you're concerned about, and I'm reading this wrong, please guide me in the comment section below....
Published Date : 2/14/2020

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