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birth control Question & Answer

Yes, she could get pregnant anytime you cum in her. Birth control isn't ever a 100% guarantee against pregnancy even with perfect and best use.If she is using hormonal or non-hormonal birth control you could use a condom as well to double your protection from pregnancy. Some forms of BC work better together than others. Ask your doctor for suggestions that work best for you to avoid pregnancy....
Published Date : 5/10/2019

Weird feelings?? Must be like the weird feelings I have about hearing why you think her taking birth control is any of your business.Sure you could stop liking her. That's your prerogative.I challenge you to examine why you would stop liking someone because she is on birth control. Do you actually know the reason she is using birth control or are you making an assumption? Did you know there are other health benefits women get out of using birth control besides preventing pregnancy? Maybe you could do a bit of research to find out the many ways birth control helps and how.Even if using birth control is to solely to prevent pregnancy then good for her! She must have values, goals, and plans for what she wants to accomplish with her life before she decides to have a baby.If you cannot or don't want to understand the steps a woman will take to care for her sexual health, then you're better off focusing your attention elsewhere. Let her do her thing....
Published Date : 11/5/2018

I don't know .odds but if he doesn't want to get a woman pregnant, usually a vasectomy is sufficient.Just follow the directions of your doctor about the number of non-intercourse ejaculations to clear the pipes, and attend the follow up appointment to have your semen checked for the little swimmers. You should be fine. Use a Condom or other forms of birth control until you get the sperm count all clear from your doctor....
Published Date : 10/15/2018

I wouldn't just give my teen condoms without assuring they have some education about healthy relationships and some context.I would want to be sure they know:what condoms do (can prevent STIs and pregnancy), why that's important (the consequences of not using a condom - do they want to become a parent now?), how to use it (on a penis or cut open lengthwise to make a dental dam), or which acts would be a good idea to use them for (oral, anal, p/v Intercourse). Once we talked about all of these things, regardless of whether my teen was sexually active or not, I would supply them with condoms....
Published Date : 12/12/2019

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