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children Question & Answer

I see you have requested my answer to this question. Like the others who have already answered, it is difficult to answer this. I can only try to make some assumptions to answer the question as it is right now.Could you be pregnant? ? Have you had penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse? And was the penis inside you without a condom for any portion of the duration of the act? And did the person ejaculate inside your vagina (or even on your vulva)? And has the date on the calendar that your menstrual period would normally arrive pass? If you answer ?yes? to any or all of these questions, I would go to the doctor and have a pregnancy test done.Do I think you can't have children? There is no way for me to answer this, unfortunately. I don't know anything about your health, history, physiology, etc.If you resubmit the question, please be as specific as you can, giving appropriate background as necessary.Thank you...
Published Date : 8/6/2018

There's this weird thing I thought when I was young that I wanted a boy and a girl. Of course, the boy to be born first so he could protect his little sister. But what happened was I gave birth to a girl first, so I taught her how to be a badass.I have two girls and they're the best ever. I'm totally satisfied with my special deliveries....
Published Date : 9/10/2018

Thank you for the A2AThe love I have for you is different than the love I have/had for your dad. You're part of me and part of dad - the best parts I bet! No matter what you do, I'm always going to love you.I've already used this. Or some version of this....
Published Date : 12/6/2018

Thank you for the A2AGreat question! I wrote all about it in my new book. Check out more about my Parenting book with a sex/uality focus OR buy it on Amazon at Read Me: A Parental Primer for "The Talk" (9781732414501): Lanae St.John: BooksYour question is timely because it was just released....
Published Date : 7/3/2019

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