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disability Question & Answer

I don't have a definitive answer for why so many people ask you about having sex with your boyfriend who uses a wheelchair. My guess is they don't realize how rude their question is. It is really none of mine or anyone else's business how you personally have sex or engage in any sexual behaviors with anyone. Unless you consent to share the information. I'm certain they don't intend to be rude many people are naturally curious about sex in general. Since lots of people have some sense of what heterosexual sexual activity looks like due to the ease in accessibility to porn and other adult content. They?re probably trying to put the body parts together in their mind eye to understand it. You can point out how forward that question is, or bring how rude the question is to their attention, or you could ignore it, whatever you want to do. If I were you, I would not feel obligated to explain. Unless you are curious about how they have sex, then maybe you could swap stories. ,...
Published Date : 7/6/2018

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