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feminism Question & Answer

Yes. You can. There are plenty of women who do sex work AND who identify as feminist. These two things are not mutually exclusive.I understand why you ask the question though. Some women say they are feminist but they aren't inclusive of sex workers (SWERF) or trans women (TERF). You'd have to ask Someone who has this view why they believe sex workers and/or trans women shouldn?t be included in the rights and protections feminists are working for.I'd imagine there are Sex workers who don't identify as feminists. I'd guess it's because of the behaviors of people in the first group who call themselves feminist but aren't for equal rights for all.Thank you for your question....
Published Date : 8/8/2018

I think you're better off asking a man in or from India. I am not a man nor a representative of men from India. On the surface, the titles pseudo feminists and feminazis seem like they would be two very distinct and opposite types. And speaking to the former, I don't know how many people want to marry anyone who is a fake anything. ...
Published Date : 7/7/2018

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