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legal Question & Answer

That question would be best answered by a lawyer.But from my perspective as a sexologist, you're probably going to have to prove that you 1) followed the doctor's advice to refrain from sexual intercourse for the amount of time they recommend, 2) have masturbated the minimum number of times to flush out your system, ensuring there aren't any sperm left in your semen.And 3) that you went back to the doctor to make sure there wasn?t any sperm in your semen, something like 3 months after the procedure.The little swimmers can hang out for a long time after the procedure so if you got someone pregnant and didn't follow the doctor's instructions to the letter, then I'd think you probably don't have a case....
Published Date : 9/20/2018

Thank you for the A2A.I think it's going to be whatever the person entering it thinks it is.That may feel like a cop out answer but if you go in thinking your spouse is a ball and chain then you're going to behave accordingly. Your spouse is going to feel it, and it?s not gonna be a great thing for both of you.Talk with your spouse-to-be to determine if you're on the same page. How much would it suck if you wanted a heartfelt agreement but they wanted a contract? If you both go in thinking it's a business relationship or contract, make sure all the points are negotiated up front (well, do some version of this even if it's a heartfelt agreement TBH).Good luck....
Published Date : 7/9/2019

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