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masculinity Question & Answer

JSYK, the research behind alpha and beta males was abandoned by the original author. Basically, he found the wolves became parents. Check out this interesting article about it. But I'll try to answer your question. Given generally accepted societal examples of alpha and beta males in the dating world, I wasn't testing for this per Se, but my experience has been that the men who fit the typical description of an alpha male are not very compassionate men nor considerate lovers across the board. They were actually rather selfish, with an undercurrent of homophobia, and had an ?I come first kind of an attitude in all the ways that can be interpreted. I personally would avoid any man who would refer to himself as an alpha and instead keep my eyes peeled to observe for behaviors I would want out of a potential future partner, qualities like an excellent leader (and eventually lover) who can communicate as well as listen. For starters. Your list may vary; what dealbreakers/dealmakers are on YOUR list? ...
Published Date : 7/23/2018

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