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Recognition for ‘READ ME: A Parental Primer for “The Talk”‘

BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest, Semifinalist (Self-help/Relationships Category) 2020

As Seen In 2020

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Sex During COVID Guidelines: What’s the Safest Position? | MEL Magazine

A Guide To Your Body’s Pleasure Chemicals” | Swell

Sex and the Immune System: Is Eating Ass Healthy & Safe?” | MEL Magazine

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“5 Things We Can Each Do To Make Social Media And The Internet A Kinder And More Tolerant Place”, With Dr. Lanae St.John | Authority Magazine,

Sex Experts Share 6 Ways Using Ice Cubes Can Heat Up Your Sex Life | Well + Good

Where Can I Find Lingerie That Won’t Make Me Feel Ridiculous? | Blood + Milk

Sex Positive Families x The MamaSutra – Chat (March 2020)

Married to Doctors, “Sex Stress, and More” (May 2020)

Story-a-Day Podcast with Julie Duffy, “Writing Love & Intimacy with Dr. Lanae St.John“, (May 2020)

Imperfect Thriving, “Love, Sex & Dating in Midlife & What To Teach Our Kids About Love & Dating” IT 016 (April 2020)

How We Talk About Sex, with Eric Leviton. “Lanae St.John Returns to HWTAS.” Ep#163 (March 2020)

Sex with Emily Podcast, “Your Guide to Having ‘The Talk’ with Dr. Lanae St.John“, (March 2020)

Tools of Life Podcast, “Five Building Blocks To Having (and CONTINUING) “The Talk” With Your Teens“, (February 2020)

The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, “Sex Connect: Self, Kids, and Others“, (Feb 13, 2020)


On KTLA Morning Show Talking About Kids and Holiday Kisses & Hugs. (December 2019)

Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Child To Sit On Santa’s Lap |

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The Sunday Night Health Show, with Maureen McGrath “Bad Sex Habits” (Nov 24, 2019)

The Sunday Night Health Show, with Maureen McGrath. (Oct 27, 2019)

The Sunday Night Health Show, with Maureen McGrath. (Jul 7, 2019)

My Kids Don’t Watch Porn – Here Are My Proven Tips, for Edward Shorter. (07/2019)

The Aha Moment Podcast, Jealousy (07/2019)

Drunk Sex, With Jenn Wodtke. (Ep. 22, 01/2019)

The Step-mom Strong Podcast, w/ Nathalie Savell (Ep. 017, 01/2019)



Sex Blogging Superheroes | Sexual Health Magazine. Page 34

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How VR Porn Is Penetrating Our Minds, Erecting The Future Of Virtual Reality |

Self-Help Patrol: Taint Accupuncture | MEL Magazine

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How We Talk About Sex, with Eric Leviton. Ep #125 (November 2017)

Sex Positive Me, “Building Blocks to a Healthy Sexuality” Ep#40 (September 2017)

Sexology, with Dr. MoaliTalking To Your Teen About Sex. (August 2017)



Penis Love: Uncut with Lanae St.John” by

The Perineum with Lanae St.John” by

What Your Eye Doctor Can Teach You About Sex with Lanae St.John” by

Have a Ball with Lanae St.John” by

The Ups and Downs of Being a Man with Lanae St.John” by

Wearables and the Innovation of Sexual Intimacy” by TechZulu Inc. Moderator

“Sex Is Back: Sex in 20 Years” by Pleasure Chest. Featured Sex Educator

“Sex Is Back: Making Time for Sex” by Pleasure Chest. Featured Sex Educator

“Sex Is Back: Orgasms” by Pleasure Chest. Featured Sex Educator

Sex Is Back: Golden Showers” by Pleasure Chest. Featured Sex Educator


What Does Eat Me Mean to You |

He Said, She Said: 10 Things We Wish Sex Ed Taught Us | HuffPo

Sex Toys: The 4 Most Popular Sex Toys in America | Women’s Health Magazine

New Sex Toy Family Called Pulsators Could Elicit More Emotions Than Vibrators During Masturbation |

Sexxx Talk Radio, by Progressive Radio Network. Co-Host.

Tagline: “Are you ready for the Sex-Ed you wish you had?” (weekly 2012-2013)

I have problems getting wet, how do I fix that?” YouTube by WhatTheyAreAsking. Sexologist

I was told I am too fat for birth control. What ARE my options?” YouTube by WhatTheyAreAsking. Sexologist

Any tips to be able to fit more of him in my mouth?” YouTube by WhatTheyAreAsking. Sexologist


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Why Porn Sex Is the Safest Sex |

“Why Do Men Love “Barely Legal” Porn?” |

Sex Nerd Sandra #44: The Birds ‘n’ Bees: Kids | Nerdist, (2012)

Get Your Fill, by FCC Free Radio. Guest Sex Expert (2012)

“50 Shades of F*ck me” YouTube by NotSoSecret video, Sex Educator

A Lot of Penises” YouTube by The MamaSutra. Self

Use Your Words – Ep 3: Sex Positive Parenting” YouTube by TheCSPH. (Named in this video at 5:35 in the video.) Sex Educator

“Sex Toys Made Simple” – YouTube by NotSoSecret video, Sex Educator

Sexploration with Monika, by FCC Free Radio. Guest Sex Expert (2011)

Internet ~ Project offering tools for parents to teach the younger generations about porn. ~ Expert Among Us. Top Women’s Lifestyle platform.

Mom Bloggers Club ~ Featured Blogger. Largest and Oldest Mom Blogger Social Network. ~ Sex & Relationship Panelist. A popular website for heterosexual couples. ~ Sexpert. The website where sex educators & medical professionals talk about the female orgasm. ~ Sexpert. Based in Asia, the goal to expand sexuality knowledge and promote sex-positivity. ~ Co-founder. The site sought to empower women to discover and enjoy their own sexuality. ~ Sexpert. The site where 6 experts answered sex questions based on popular vote.


‘Cuddle: A Documentary’ by Fast Lane Productions. Self (2014)

‘[SSEX BBOX]’ (Ep. 2) by Kumba Films. Featured Sex Educator (2012)

‘The Night Minister’ (in production) by NuReality Productions. Featured Sex Educator (2011)

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