Product review for Trojan Lubricants “Crazy Sexy Feel”(tm) Line Of Products.


I’m sure all of you are aware of the condom company, Trojan. Not long ago they introduced a line of vibrating rings and massagers. Now, they have come out with their own line of Trojan Lubricants. As you read this, keep your thinking caps on because there’s a giveaway at the end of this review…

The introduction letter included in the package said “Trojan Invites You To Slip Into Something Sexy” – Let’s the puns begin. ūüėČ Inside the package there were three boxes, each containing one 3 oz bottle of clear liquid/gel lubricant in each of Trojan’s current product variations at time of writing – Purple, Blue, and Orange. Retail price is $19.99 each.
The packaging was fantastic; tasteful. A problem arose in trying to open the first bottle. I’m so the opposite of a Prima Donna but I just had my nails done the day before and I could NOT get the “lift and peel” seal off of the bottle from underneath the lid. It was really frustrating. Ergonomically, I liked the shape of the bottle; It fit into my hand nicely‚Ķ If only I could get the seal off!  (I ended up using my teeth/mouth to get that damn seal off. The rest of the trial went much better than that little exercise.) The flip top lid was handy for one-handed reapplication and did not show any sign or risk of leaking.The back of the bottle gives some helpful information about compatibility with condoms. This lubricant can be used with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. Do not use with polyurethane or other condoms.  Pro Tip: It is important to know what material your favorite condoms are made of so you can choose the right/compatible lube! If you choose the wrong kind, it can break down the material of your condom and risk BREAKAGE. Not cool if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy or STI’s.


My first test was the Purple bottle – (“Arouses & Intensifies”) I used a generous portion but as I quickly found out, a little went a long way. I could have gotten by with much less product on that maiden voyage. The feel was very smooth and non-sticky. This particular product had the result of a warming and tingling feeling that worked SO well. The warming and tingling had a very pleasurable feel on my clitoris and labia, such that I almost didn’t need manual stimulation. Even when interrupted by a phone call, the test continued with satisfactory results – requiring only a mute button – to complete the trial (Like I said, I probably could have completed the trial using no hands the sensation was so pleasant). 


The Orange bottle (“Tingly Warmth”) was also pleasant, I was not noticing the warming feel so much at first.   This sample required quite a bit of product to notice that tingly warmth.  And when it finally happened, call me crazy, but the only burning feeling I like is the burning of desire; my personal preference is not for a burning feeling on my labia. But I will not yuk someone else’s yum – someone else might prefer that over the purple bottle’s cooling effect! Here again though, the product was non-sticky, had a great viscosity, and lasted a long time.

The contents of the Blue bottle (“Continuous Silkiness”) were a little thicker, more gel-like. The product became more liquid with the application to body temperature without feeling sticky. No gimmicks here; Just silky smooth feeling.

If you are one who is particular about wanting only natural (read: pronounceable) product ingredients to put on or in your body, there aren’t many choices on the market yet. Maybe if that’s what you want you can write to Trojan and put in that request. These products do not list any organic ingredients either. So, if that’s a concern of yours, take that into consideration. 
Overall I enjoyed each of these products. For the price and relative ease of availability in retail drug stores, I like this product and if pressed to rank them, I personally would say the 1) Purple, 2) Blue, then 3) Orange. 
If you are a fan of this page, or follow my posts on twitter or facebook, this next part will not be hard, *ahem*, difficult. The first five lucky pleasure-seekers win Trojan Lubricants of their own! So, the first 5 people to reply in the comments – with a unique reason why you like to use lube – win.
Thanks again to the people at Trojan for asking me to review this product and for providing the prizes for the giveaway!
Even if you don’t “win” in the contest, you can still get something; Click on this link for a coupon to save $2 on any Trojan Lubricant


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