Conversation Starters – Extended Edition


Get THE list containing thought-provoking conversations. Tools you can use for “The Talk” and any other chats you’d like to have with your kids or partner.

It is important to talk to your children about sexuality because they need to understand their bodies and what is happening in interpersonal relationships and so on for when they eventually become sexually active. This will help them make better choices in the future.

• It’s better to have the talk early and often

• Your children will be grateful that you talked to them about sexuality

• They need to know about their bodies

• It’s important for them to understand what is happening when they become sexually active

• You’re helping them make better choices in the future by talking to them now

The MamaSutra’s Conversation Starters – Extended Edition helps parents broach the difficult subjects related to dating, love, relationships, and sexuality with their children. The book is filled with open-ended questions that can start a dialogue between parents and children of any age. It gives parents the tools they need to be able to answer their children’s questions.

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