MELT massage course for couples


Explore your partner’s body

It’s relaxing; you’ll find a deep connection
and lots of playfulness

It is so easy you can start tonight!

Press play, follow along with us
and you’ll make your partner melt!

3 Massage Courses

47 Classes: (LifeTime Members Receive More)

Follow Along Massage Routines Included

Friday Classes Included

About Basic Classes

Course 1: learn the basics first / easy to do

For Connection and Play
So Easy, Start Tonight
Relaxation Massage and Intimacy

It takes 30 minutes to learn (for couples who have never massaged before)

This course is playful and relaxing. Full of connection and intimacy. Every relationship ought to know the basics of massage. They’re the easiest you’ll learn, feel incredible, and are still “the most important techniques to know.”

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Back Massage
  • Neck Massage
  • Shoulders and Arms Massage
  • Learn How To Apply Oil
  • And How To Structure a Massage

Includes: 5-minute follow-along massage routine

Knots & Tension Classes

Course 2: Discovery / Exploration is fun

Locate Knots On Your Partner
Release Muscle Tension
Learn How To Flow Between Massage Strokes

Massage specific knots. Massage the way professional practitioners do. Find knots, know how to release them, and flow between massage strokes.

This course is lots of fun. This course is BIG!

It ends with the most incredible 15-minute massage routine. You’ll explore your partner’s body and learn how to make them melt in every massage.

  • Upper + Lower Back Massage
  • Neck Massage
  • Head and Shoulder Massage
  • Learn Rhythm
  • Depth and Pressure
  • Locate and Release Common Knots

Includes: 15-minute follow-along massage routine

Deep Tissue Classes

Course 3: Deep Tissue / Advanced Massage Techniques

How To Use Thumbs
How To Massage Deep
How To Stop Your Hands From Hurting

Advanced Techniques, Extreme Depth

This course teaches you how to use your thumbs effectively to release specific knots; this is deep! This course has the most amount of classes. Pick and choose the ones you love the most and practice them.

At the end of this course, we bring all the techniques in every class into a massive 30-minute massage routine that will make your partner melt.

Includes: 30-minute routine (with voice over guidance & without)

Necessary: In this course, you’ll be confident enough to flow from one technique to the next without guidance.

Choose to follow our massage routine or create your own. Cherry, pick your favorite techniques and use the flow learned in the Basic Course to move between massage strokes. Every massage you give will be different.


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