Should you 🍆 before a date?


Should you 🍆 before a date?

Hi there,

Keeping with the theme of Masturbation Month, I wanted answer another question I get asked often:
Should I masturbate before a date? What’s the etiquette on that?

I think it can be a good option. It’s not necessary but it could help.

Some folks find it hard to focus on getting to know the other person they’re on the date with if they’re solely focused on boning. People of all genders can feel this way, btw.

Also, figure out what it is you want to achieve out of the date. Is it taking this person home with you because you want to have sex? Is it to try to find a person you want to start a relationship with? Something in between?

Any of those are valid and super helpful to know going in. Maybe you can articulate that with the person on the date to see if they want the same thing as you.

Having just had an orgasm before the date might give you the clarity you can use to figure out what you’re looking for.


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